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My designs 🔥Hot new feature

Clicking near the settings button to the right of the design studio will give you access to 'My Designs'.

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 06

This area allows customers and designers:

  • to come back to the latest iteration of their design without the hassle of having to start again, thanks to an autosave functionality. 
  • select a saved design to load into the studio, giving people the ability to work on multiple designs at once. 
  • streamline the process of sharing designs, increasing collaboration, engagement, and lead generation. 

Content builder 🔥Hot new feature

A long-awaited feature! We've improved the UI of our content builder. Content pages are created by specifying requirements before pages can be built. However, user testing was proving that this part of the process was unclear. Now, the first time you create a content page, you'll automatically be directed to the settings page to set up SEO details, assign a page to a sales channel and define your custom URL. 

Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 15.26.57


Sales channel price 🔥Hot new feature

B2B retailers need to differentiate between the base price (wholesale price) inside product pages and sales prices (Manufacturing Recommended Selling Price (MRSP)) inside the sales channel. Our new sales channel price feature allows you to set a sales price at the product or team store level and override the base price. 

💡Top tip: For team stores, this feature can be used in a different way. The base price can be the price you’re charging the team, while the sales price can be the base pricing plus the fundraising fee to allow you to set fundraising fees on a product level. 

Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 15.40.54

Additional information at checkout 🔥Hot new feature

You can now create or overwrite the content below the checkout page. Click on 'all content types to checkout' to access this feature. 

Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 15.27.07


Email quote notification 🔥Hot new feature

Whenever a customer goes inside a merchant's design studio hosted on their website, they will be able to create a design and receive an email quotation for what they've created, streamlining the conversion process. Merchants will receive notifications requested for quotes. 

Role-based access controls 🔥Hot new feature

Multiple users require different layers of permissions. This new feature allows access to certain controls and not others. As part of phase I of the rollout of this feature, you can now request Brikl to restrict permissions to orders, leads and quotes for certain users. Over the next few months, more role-based settings will be created to give merchants admin access to everything inside the dashboard, while staff can access certain parts of the dashboard as defined by the merchant. 

Duplication prevention

Before this feature, merchants were flagging that personalization at the team store and product level could result in customers accidentally adding the same number to cart multiple times. Thanks to our new duplication prevention feature, this will be flagged, minimizing returns and customer service emails, messages, and interactions.  

Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 15.23.39

Content builder updates

We've made some UX improvements to our team stores. If you're editing a team store within the content builder, opening a preview leads you to that page, minimizing the number of clicks it takes you to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Other features

  • Added team store headline to Team Store tab 
  • US and Canadian addresses have a state dropdown instead of free text input to ensure a 2-character state format for TaxJar 
  • Localized VAT ID to Tax ID 
  • Added reversible designs, allowing garments to be designed inside and outside.