How to import supplier products

One of the most time-consuming tasks when setting up MicroStores is creating and assigning products while checking inventory. With Brikl, this process is now fully automated, helping you reduce the setup time of each new store.

Getting ready to import supplier products

Before importing supplier products into your product catalog, you must add the COLOR and SIZE product options to your account. See How to add product options for more information.

If these options were added to your account before, jump to How to add supplier products to your catalog.

How to add supplier products to your catalog

Step 1: Search for supplier products

Navigate to Catalog > Supplier Products and click the "+ Add From Supplier" button.


Use the search, filter, and sort options in the list of available supplier products to find the products you need.


☝️ There are millions of products available. Make yourself familiar with searching, filtering, and sorting to find your desired products.

Step 2: Check the product details

You can click the "Details" button to check product information, such as description, GTIN, ID, color, size, price, available quantity, and supplier.


☝️ When you import a product from a supplier, you import all its variants. If you don't need specific variants, you can unassign those variants after you have assigned the product to a MicroStore. Please refer to Override product details and search "Update Product Variants" for more information.

Step 3: Add products to your product catalog

To add products to your catalog, select the checkboxes on the left column and click the "Add" button in the bottom-right corner. 


💡 While selecting supplier products, click the "Selected Products" tab to see a list of all products you have selected so far. This is useful when you're choosing several products at once.


The products are now in your product catalog. Navigate to Catalog > Supplier Products to see all products you imported from suppliers.

It's time to edit some product information to assign supplier products to your MicroStores. See How to view and manage supplier products.