What's the difference between a storefront and a MicroStore?

There are many similarities between an online storefront and a MicroStore, which is why knowing the differences can help you make the most of both.

Storefront vs Brikl's MicroStores

Comparing an online storefront and a MicroStore can raise a few eyebrows at first glance. What's the difference...?

On a fundamental level, both a storefront and a MicroStore both require a domain name and regular maintenance to stay relevant and appealing. 

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The best way to distinguish between the two is that unlike your MicroStore, your online storefront is the main event. It is:

  • the heart of your brand and the key to your company's value and message. 
  • the information hub for educating your customers, clients etc about the service or goods you provide. 
  • where your landing pages link out from and the bulk of your SEO authority is created. 
  • meant for prolonged use. 

Whereas a MicroStore:

  • is designed to deliver a hyper-focused, targeted customer or user journey.
  • has a unique URL that does not appear on search engines and can be shared with whoever you'd like to have access. 
  • is a pop-up, temporary, season or open in cycles. 
  • can be open and closed like a physical store (if selling products or services). 
  • has its own style and appearance.
  • hosts its own content relevant to its designated theme and message.  
  • is assigned to a storefront.

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How can I start building my storefront? 

You can use the Brikl's Content Builder to create content pages.

Your online storefront is flexible, so you can build your business with the following customizations:

  • Create a homepage through which users can access multiple MicroStores.
  • Build custom menus to help customers navigate your content.
  • Connect a custom domain. 
  • Design your online storefront using responsive themes

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How can I set up a MicroStore?

Setting up a MicroStore can be done in just a few minutes. Follow our step-by-step guide to start your selling journey.

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