How to bulk embellish your products

Adding logos and artwork to products, one by one, is a time consuming and painstaking task. Save hundreds of hours with our embellish feature.

How does this feature work?

Our embellish feature allows you to set placeholders, assign them to a product, use them across multiple products, and upload your logo to decorate product images at a MicroStore level. 

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Step 1 - Create image placeholders for your products

Step 2 - Add embellishments to your placeholders

Adjust Multiple Placeholders

How does duplicating a store work with placeholders and embellishments?

Step 1 - Creating placeholders for your products

All products that can be embellished must have a placeholder. Without placeholders, you won’t be able to upload embellishments to your product images (see Step 2). This means that your first step is to create placeholders for all your products.


💡 Placeholders are not definite placements but simply guidelines. For instance, you could create a placeholder for the front of a t-shirt and shift the ornamentation to the left chest afterward (see Step 2). You can set up a placeholder across a wide range of products and bulk embellish all of them with just a single click.

a) Find your product

Navigate to Embellish > Image Placeholder to see a list of products from the product catalog.

Since you may have a lot of products, it’s important to either sort by name, internal ID, last export, or type the name of your product in the search field.

To clear the search results, delete the text in the search field and reload the page.

Once you have found the product, click the edit icon to add a placeholder to the product image.

b) Create and assign a placeholder

Use the 'Assign New' button to choose an existing placeholder from the dropdown list or to create a new placeholder.

If you have created a placeholder previously that you want to reuse, you can find it either in the dropdown list or by typing in the name in the search field.

If you need to create a new placeholder, click on 'Create New.'

When creating a new placeholder, you'll have to input:

  • A placeholder name
  • The dimensions of the placeholder in pixels
  • Any additional detail needed for reporting, for example, 'Size S', '10 x 10cm'.

 Click 'Done,' and the placeholder will automatically appear in the preview image.

You can adjust the dimensions and position of the placeholder directly if required. You can also change the orientation of the placeholder on the image.

c) Edit a placeholder

Click the 'Edit' button. A drawer will open that allows you to:

  • Edit the dimensions of your placeholder, name, and other associated details.
  • Unassign the selected placeholder from that particular product.

  • Delete the selected placeholder from all products.

d) Apply the placeholder to a product image

  • Tick the checkbox of the images you would like a placeholder to be assigned to and click 'Apply Placeholder.'
  • You can set a placeholder on one or multiple images.

Your selected image will be the one that appears as a preview image. 

Step 2 - Add your embellishments to your placeholders



a) Find your MicroStore

Go to MicroStore > Catalog > Products. Here, you can add products, which can be assigned to the placeholders created in the previous steps.

Click the 'Embellish' button to navigate to the editor.

Select a placeholder from the dropdown selector inside the embellishment feature. The dropdown list will show the placeholders of the products you have assigned to that MicroStore.

Once you have selected the placeholder, you will see a list of all the product images the placeholder has been assigned to; images will be grouped by product.

b) Upload your embellishment

To upload embellishment images to the selected placeholder, click the "Manage Embellishment" button. 


    In the drawer, you can upload images and see the list of those images you uploaded previously. Drag and drop or click the "Upload" button to upload your images. When uploading finishes, click the "Done" button to close the drawer.


    ☝️You can upload up to 20 embellishment images at once, and each placeholder can have a library of up to 1000 images.

    After uploading your images, you'll see them available for use in the embellishment selector. Simply choose your desired image to apply it to the selected placeholder.


    c) Adjust your embellishment

    Adjust the size and position of the embellishment directly by interacting directly with the placeholder. For example, if you previously created a placeholder, e.g., the front side of a t-shirt, you can now move the placeholder with the uploaded embellishment to the left chest.

    💡 Adjust Multiple Placeholders

    When you have adjusted the placeholder by either changing its position or dimension, you can then also apply this placeholder to multiple product images at once.

    Step 1: Adjust the placeholder's dimension or position

    Step 2: Select the placeholder

    Step 3: Click "Apply" (below the preview Images)


    Step 4: Select the product images you'd like the adjusted placeholder to apply to, and click "Apply" again.

    d) Apply your embellishment

    Select the product images you want to upload to your MicroStore catalog:

    • Tick the checkboxes of your product images and click the ‘Apply Embellishment’ button. 

    ☝️ Each MicroStore can have multiple placeholders, and you can embellish different placeholders on each product image. Once you finish embellishing your product images and click the "Apply Embellishment" button, all selected product images for every placeholder in that MicroStore will be embellished. If you have removed one or more embellishments, the "Apply Embellishment" button will upload the non-embellished images.

    💡 You can see when the image was last uploaded by hovering over the icon in the bottom left corner of each image.


    Go back to the MicroStore > Catalog > Products to see the thumbnail updated with the image of the embellished product. 

    e) View and edit your embellished product

     Go back to the MicroStore > Catalog > Products to see the thumbnail updated with the image of the embellished product. 

    Click to enlarge the thumbnail image in the MicroStore catalog.

    Screenshot 2022-07-04 at 15.43.40

    Screenshot 2022-07-04 at 15.42.19

    Click on the product name to navigate to the embellished product image page. You can now change the default image, assign an image to a variant, or display multiple images on your MicroStore homepage. Read more about image management here

    Learn more on how to override product information, product variants, and product images here


    Every MicroStore can have a unique default image.


    Duplicating a store with placeholders and embellishments

    When it comes to duplicating a store, it’s important to keep in mind the following:

    • When you duplicate a store, only the placeholders will be copied over. The embellishments will not be copied over.
    • Embellishments you upload to the placeholders for your MicroStore will be visible in that MicroStore only.

    Read more here on how to duplicate MicroStore.