How to configure light settings in the 3D Visualization Studio

A fixed light setting in the studio is where just one preset applies to all products in the store.

A fixed light setting in the Studio is where just one preset applies to all products in the store. This isn't always ideal, especially if products look unnaturally lit i.e. one product may be too bright while another can appear as if it's in shadow.

How it works

Brikl has a preset for lighting that can act as a default. You can also customize the light settings to ensure that your products are always seen in the best light possible:

Creating custom lighting

  • Go to the Studio settings → Light Setting → Create Custom.
  • Name your preset. In the absence of a name, the default name will be 'Preset_ [number]'.

A warning message will prevent you from moving the 3D model when the light setting menu is open to help preserve your configurations once selected.

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 13.47.55Be sure to save your settings before moving the 3D model: Open the light settings menu → Configure the light → Save → Assign the light setting to your chosen product. You can also enable or disable shadow in the spotlight and limit input range for intensity (0.0 - 3.0) here.

The new custom light will not be assigned to a product unless you click 'Apply'.

Changing lighting presets

You can change the light preset by going to 'Light Setting' and selecting the preferable light preset from the 'Select a preset' dropdown.

Assigning light settings to a product

  • After selecting your preferred light preset, click 'Apply'. The selected light setting will then be visible on your product. Applying one light preset to all products is currently not supported.
  • The preset name that ends with (Default) means that preset is applied to the selected product.

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 13.48.36

Editing and deleting a light preset

You cannot delete or edit a Brikl preset, but you can edit and delete a custom light setting by selecting the three horizontal dots and clicking 'Edit' or 'Delete' from the 'Light Setting' menu.

  • There are seven lights you can choose from to customize: Ambient light (1), Dome light (1), and Spotlight (5).
  • You can enable or disable each light based on preference.
  • When customizing the light setting, it will automatically show on the product.

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 13.49.23