How to add users to your dashboard

Learn how to add users with limited and unlimited access to your Brikl dashboard.

The types of users in the Brikl dashboard

Adding users to your Brikl dashboard will allow other people to access your dashboard. However, you can choose which parts of your dashboard new users will have access to.

You can have three types of users in your Brikl dashboard: Admin, Sales Representatives (Sales Rep), and Account Manager.

The Admin is a user with full access to your dashboard. Contact Brikl support if you wish to add more Admin users to your dashboard.

The Sales Representative is a user with limited access to your dashboard and can be managed by you directly. In short, these are the allowed operations a Sales Rep can perform:

  • Add and edit accounts for customers
  • Add and edit contacts and assign them to accounts
  • Assign contacts to MicroStores and create MicroStores under contacts

Adding Account Manager roles allows user-specific permissions and access to certain features within the dashboard, such as the ability to: 

  • View and manage customer accounts 
  • View customer order history
  • View and manage customer designs
  • Create and manage quotes for customers
  • View and manage payment history for customers
  • Override base catalog information

In an Account Manager role, users cannot: 

  • Access administrative functions such as user management
  • Modify or cancel orders
  • Create designs or access other design features
  • Create users
  • Access dashboard settings

How to add a user to your dashboard

From your Brikl dashboard, go to Settings > User Management > (Click the "Invite New User" button).


Then fill in the login details of your new user:


Enter the email:

  • Your new user's email address. The email is used as a username and can’t be changed.

Enter the first name:

  • Your new user's first name.

Enter the last name:

  • Your new user's last name.

Enter the user role:

  • Choose between the Admin and Sales Representative roles.

If you set Sales Representative as the user role, you must assign one Admin user as their manager. The manager is usually the person your new Sales Representative will report to.


☝️ A manager can have multiple sales representatives under them, as a Sales Representative can have multiple accounts under them. A manager is an admin user and has access to all stores and orders from the sales representatives they're responsible for.

On the other hand, if you set Admin as the user role, no additional step is needed. 

⚠️ The new Admin user will have full access to your dashboard features, including the capacity to invite new users.

After filling up all fields, click "Invite User." Brikl will then send an email to the provided email address.


The newly created user must verify his email address and set a password before accessing the dashboard. 

☝️ Admin users can switch the role of sales representatives to Admin and vice-versa. 

How to resend a user invitation

To resend an invitation, go to Settings > User Management and search for the user's email address. Then click the user, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the "Resend Invitation" button. Brikl will then resend the user invitation email.


How to delete a user

To delete a user, go to Settings > User Management and search for the user's email address. Then click the user, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the "Delete" button.


☝️ When a user is deleted, their content will still appear in the dashboard, but will not be associated with any user.