Copy a store to create a new one

Duplicating a MicroStore is normally a manual process that can take hours. Not with Brikl. Copy a MicroStore with a single click and spend the time you've saved on selling.

This feature has the ability to save you hundreds of hours a year when having to set up a store for a new team. You can duplicate products, collections, content modules, discounts, fundraising, fees, and even group store level personalization.

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How does it work for Stock items?

When you duplicate a MicroStore, its stock products are assigned to the newly duplicated MicroStore. 

Products that have been assigned to a new MicroStore, can be overridden. Overriding is the replacing of data or files in your database. Read more on how to override a product here (Entry point: Catalog > Product) and here (Entry point: Microstore > Product)

In previous versions of the Brikl platform, stock products were duplicated (not assigned) when duplicating a MicroStore. With the release of the new assign and overwrite feature (September 2022), duplication of individual stock products is no longer possible when duplicating the MicroStore to ensure the consistency of the master product list. Read more here.

How does it work for Custom items?

When you duplicate a MicroStore, its custom products are replicated and added the newly duplicated MicroStore. 

When you duplicate a team store, the following properties of a custom product can be duplicated:

  • Products: Title, ID, description, URL, variants, price, inventory, attributes, metadata, and in case of custom products also the 3D files, designs, and Design Studio settings.
  • Collections: Title, ID, description, URL
  • Content modules: home page, product page, cart page, checkout page
  • Discounts
  • Fundraising
  • Fees
  • Personalization

And the following will not be duplicated:

  • From the catalog, note the following exceptions: Product packages
  • In your MicroStore, note the following exceptions: availability, password, structure, shipping, logos and banners, and any links in the customer admin panel. 

Availability, password, structure, shipping, logos and banners, payment methods and any links in the customer admin panel are specific to a given MicroStore and not a template store. Therefore, they are not copied over when duplicating a store.

How to create a new store from an existing one

Go to your dashboard > Sales Channels > MicroStores > click "Duplicate Store".

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Before duplicating a store, first set up a template MicroStore (also called a master store). A template store includes all the products, collections, content, personalizations, fundraising, and fees you want to copy over. 

If you're targeting multiple segments of the market (e.g. different sports), you can also set up multiple template stores.

Duplicate MicroStore products

You can copy over products and collection products when you duplicate a MicroStore. You can also set the product status as active or inactive before the team store is duplicated using the toggle.

⚠️ To duplicate a collection, you need to create a new collection first and assign the collection to the storefront and MicroStore. Learn more here.

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Duplicate MicroStore content

You can duplicate content modules you have added to your template store, including for the home page, product page, cart page, and checkout page. Learn more about how to add content modules here.

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MicroStore banners and logos will NOT be duplicated because they are considered MicroStore specific.

Duplicate MicroStore discounts

Any discounts and corresponding rules will duplicate over to your new MicroStore. Learn more about how to set up discounts here.

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Duplicate MicroStore fundraising

Any fundraising and corresponding rules will duplicate over to your new MicroStore. Learn more about how to set up fundraising here.

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Duplicate MicroStore fees

Any fees and corresponding rules will duplicate over to your new group store. Learn more about how to set up fees here.

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Make sure to set up fees for your template store, so that they are always copied over when creating a new team store.

Duplicate MicroStore personalization

Personalization will be available to duplicate on a group store level. Learn more how to set up personalization here.

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Only MicroStore personalization settings are duplicated, not product personalization settings. See this article for more information.