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Drive sales across

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team stores,

and more.

Our unique MicroStores are designed to boost sales and efficiencies in businesses like yours. Save hundreds of hours a year on store setup and manual management through next-generation automation.

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Rapid store set up.

Template stores can be set up in one-click, and pinned and locked ready for duplication. Clone a store along with products, content pages, feed, and personalization to save you and your business countless hours.

Forget turning the sign on the door. Set lifecycles to determine how long each store stays open.


Custom reporting.

Stop spending hours tweaking and building reports one by one. Get your data your way with Brikl’s custom reporting tool. Our one-click templates allow you to add logos, colors, and pull in information using simple formulas. Consolidate POs, create branded invoices, and take control of your data.

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Stay in sync.

Communicate better with your customers through Brikl's admin portal to ensure transparency at every stage of the selling process. And make insight-driven decisions through our custom reporting functionality. Set permissions, roles, and passwords, and get on the same page with your employees and customers effortlessly.

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Your inventory has never looked so good


Your inventory has never looked so good

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Enjoy enhanced control over your inventory through supplier integrations.


See accurate inventory levels for specific products and add them to your MicroStore.


Import live product and inventory data from your favorite supplier.


Forget product IDs. Search the way you're used to using Brikl's search functionality.

What makes us unique?

We’ve been where you are. Many of our Brikl experts come from the custom and promotional industry, which means they’ve sat in your seat and seen the market through your eyes. Their firsthand insight and that of our merchants and advisory members has helped us design a unique, market-leading platform that’s trusted by businesses and suppliers worldwide.

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Simplify complexity

Get the best view

Fully integrate your supply lines for enhanced transparency and streamlined operations.

Live inventory

Collate and track all orders effortlessly. And pull one or hundreds of products, including all images, variants, and descriptions into your MicroStore.

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Go global

Speak their language

Set a default language for your website. Add as many languages as you like. Create a more meaningful experience for your customers.

Money talks

Allowing customers to pay in local currencies can reduce abandoned carts at checkout by up to 50%. Brikl supports localized currencies.

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Communicate better

Powered by insight

See your orders and other backend data broken down in real-time. Make insight-driven decisions to boost sales further.

Build trust

Grant coaches, sales reps and other team representatives admin access to your MicroStore for complete transparency.

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Give back


Donate to your chosen causes and add hidden or visible fundraising options. Showing you care just became easy.

Care more. Sell more.

85% of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a charity they care about.

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Easy money

Secure and flexable

Brikl integrates with Stripe and other leading payment gateways. Safeguards payments and give your customer the flexibility they need to pay their way through cash stores and purchase orders.

Discount and coupons

Set discounts rules and issue coupon to give your customers value for money. Stay competitive and they will stay loyal.

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Show off your products

Sell in a more meaningful way. Assign products to your MicroStore with ease.

Package an experience

Create product packages to enhance value for money. And set configurable pricing, personalization on a product and product package level.

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Stay aligned

“Pizza tracker”

Placing an order and waiting for updates can be stressful. With Brikl, customers will be able to see and track their orders for transparency.

Keep them posted

Automated notifications ensure that your customers are updated when a status changes, helping reduce support tickets.

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