Order status and changes

"Order Status" implements a color-coded system that concisely views an order's current standing.

The status indicators are required to be manually set by the merchant and include:

  • Ok (Green)
  • Follow Up (Amber/Orange)
  • Problem (Red)

"Order Stage" delineates a sequential flow of 14 stages an order may undergo.

Upon visiting the orders page, two new columns will be visible: "Order Status" and "Order Stage."

Order status and changes

 For individual orders, "Order Status" can be specified as:

  • Ok (Green)
  • Follow Up (Amber/ Orange)
  • Problem (Red)

 For each order, the "Order Stage" can be determined as:

  • Pending Approval
  • New
  • Quote
  • On Hold
  • Invoiced
  • Sent to Supplier
  • In Production
  • In Storage
  • Back Ordered
  • Partial Back Ordered
  • Proof Approved
  • Proof Hold
  • Shipped - Selecting "Shipped" prompts a pop-up where the shipping tracking number can be entered, subsequently sending a notification email to the end customer.
  • Partial Shipped - Opting for "Partial Shipped" allows you to identify which items have been dispatched, enter the relevant shipping tracking number, and then notify the end customer via email.
  • Delivered
  • Ready for Pickup
  • Completed
  • Removed
  • Cancelled

Amending order statuses

To alter the status or stage for multiple entries:

  • Use the selection boxes adjacent to each order (or choose all).
  • A distinct action bar will manifest above the table.
  • Opt for the 'edit' functionality and designate the desired status/stage.
  • Unselected dropdowns will retain the current status of the respective item/field.

It's essential to note that the "Shipped/Partial Shipped" stages are unavailable for bulk adjustments due to the need to input individual shipping tracking.