Creating coupons

An online coupon is a discount code or number that can be redeemed on a website.

Like traditional coupons, online coupons are used to attract new customers, incentivize a purchase or increase the loyalty of existing customers.

Coupon codes are sometimes also referred to as discount codes, promo codes, or voucher

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Add a coupon

Assign discount Information

Assign coupons to behavior

Create coupon rules

Create coupons and set usage

Apply a coupon in your shopping cart

Add a coupon

Go to Discounts > Coupons. Click on "New" to add a new coupon.

You can also sort coupons by title, start date and end date. 

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Assign discount Information

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  • Deactivated/Active: Enable 'Active' to make the coupon available.

❗Activate your coupon to make it available to your customers.

  • Internal name‍: The internal name is the tracking ID for internal use and is an optional field.
  • Accounting ID‍: The accounting ID is the tracking ID for accounting use and is an optional field.
  • Title: The title is the name of your coupon and will be displayed in the cart and checkout page for your customers.
  • Coupon available from: Assign a date and time for the coupon to be valid. 
  • Coupon available until: Assign a date and time for the coupon to expire. 

⚠️ Make sure to set the coupon availability for every coupon you create. Not setting a starting and expiration date for a coupon might prevent it from working on your checkout page.

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Assign coupons to behavior

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Coupon type and target


  • Fixed amount: Assign a fixed amount to be deducted from the original amount.

The amount entered must be before tax (Europe: VAT, Australia: GST).

  • Free shipping: No amount needs to be assigned.
  • Percentage discount: Assign a percentage to be deducted from the original amount.


  • Cart: Choosing this option applies the coupon to a cart total. In case of a quantity discount coupon, for example, the coupon will be applied based on the total number of items in your cart.
  • Cart item: Choosing this option applies the coupon to each item individually. In the case of a quantity discount, for example, the coupon will be applied to an individual item, not at a cart level.

Coupon application:

Select "Apply coupon before tax" or "Apply coupon after tax".

Any tax in the US or Canada is applied on the net of the sale. If there is a cart coupon or discount, then the tax is based on the price after the discount. Therefore, select 'Apply coupon after tax.'

In the case of the EU or Australia, select Apply coupon before tax

    Coupon priority

    Priority: The lower the number, the higher the priority. If a coupon can be combined with upcharges or discounts, the priority will decide the coupon, discount, or upcharge that's applied first, the lowest priority number first e.g. one then two, etc.

    Coupon Combination

    You can also define if the coupon can be combined with other discounts and upcharges.

    For example...

    Product A has got two coupons assigned to it:

    1) 5% off at an item level

    2) Free shipping at the cart level

    Both of these coupons have to have the toggle "Coupon combination" on.

    Next, the merchant has to set the priority for them (lower number = higher priority).

    Coupon per Cart

    Apply a coupon only once per cart: The default rule is for a coupon to be applied more than once per cart. If you want the discount to be applied to only one of the products, check this option.

    Create coupon rules

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    Select the type of rule that will be applied to your coupon. You can apply more than one rule.
    • Cart total: Enter a value in your currency. Define if the coupon rule should be applied to a value greater than or less than that.
    • Cart total quantity: Enter a quantity. Define if the coupon rule should be applied to a quantity greater than or less than that.
    • Collection: Select a collection you want to assign to the coupon. Decide if the coupon rule should include or exclude this collection. 
    • Currency
    • Sales channel: Select a sales channel (MicroStore) and decide if the coupon rule should include or exclude this MicroStore.
    • Product: Select a product and decide if the coupon rule should include or exclude the product list you've created
    • Product type: Select the product type you want the coupon to be applied against. You have two options: Stock products or custom products
    • Product packages: Select a product package and decide if the coupon rule should include or exclude this product package.

    Coupons will be applied to the max cart item amount, not to the full coupon amount. For example, if you have set a coupon to be USD 100, and the cart item amount is USD 80, only USD 80 will be discounted.

    When adding a new coupon, you also have the option to exclude products or product packages while including others. 

    Create coupons and set usage

    When you have hundreds of coupons to manage, having a powerful search, filter, and sort feature to find the coupon you want will save you a considerable amount of time.

    Go to Discounts > Coupons > Coupons.

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    Search a Coupon

    You can search by Coupon Code

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    Sort coupons

    You can sort coupons by Coupon Code,  Date Created, Status, Usage Limit, and Available Usage. You can only sort 1 column at a time.

    💡 You can also combine search, sort, and filter options.

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    Filter coupons

    You can narrow down the list of coupons by using filters. Click the 'Filter' button. A drawer will open that allows you to filter by Date Created and Code Status. In the case of code status, you can select more than one status to filter.

    Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 11.07.11

    Make sure to click Apply before closing the drawer.

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    Applied filters will appear at the top of the overview list.

    Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 11.47.27

    You can click "Clear Filters" to clear all filters applied or click "X" to remove a specific filter.

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    Delete, enable and disable coupons

    Click on the 3 dots to enable, disable or delete an individual coupon code. 

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    You can also delete, enable or disable coupons in bulk by adding a checkmark and selecting the preferred option.

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    Add a new coupon

    Click on "Generate New Codes."

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    Step 1 - Coupon code details

    Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 11.22.33

    • First, enter the number of coupons you'd like to generate. You can generate a maximum of 10,000 coupon codes at a time.

     If more coupon codes are needed, please contact Brikl Support.

    • You can generate coupon codes based on a prefix and suffix. You can also define the number of random characters to be generated in between. You are required to provide at least one field when creating a coupon code: prefix, number of random characters, or suffix.
    • On the right-hand side, you will see a preview of what the coupon codes will look like that you want to generate.

    If no input is provided for either the prefix, suffix, or random character, an alert will appear, and new codes cannot be generated.


    Step 2 - Coupon Code Usage Limit

    Set a usage limit for each code.

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    • Enter the usage limit per user if you want customers to use the same code more than once. This requires that your customer has created an account and is logged in. 
    • Enter the usage limit overall of a coupon. For example, a coupon can be used a maximum of 5 times.
    • You can view the coupon usage from your customers in the Coupon Code ListScreenshot 2022-07-28 at 11.55.01

    What is the difference between the usage limit per user and the usage limit overall?

    • Per user = the number of times a single user can use the coupon (this requires the user to have logged in first)
    • Overall = the number of times any user in the MicroStore can use the coupon.

    When does the coupon get auto-disabled in the storefront for your customers?

    • Scenario 1: The coupon code will be auto-disabled if the usage limit has been reached. The coupon promotion is no longer available (expired) for your customer.
    • Scenario 2: The coupon code will be auto-disabled if the coupon code is no longer available (see coupon availability). The coupon promotion is no longer available (expired) for your customer.


    Apply a coupon in your shopping cart

    When a coupon has been applied to the shopping cart, it will be displayed in your payment summary.

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