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An online coupon refers to a discount code or number that can be redeemed on a website. Like traditional coupons, online coupons are used to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of new customers.

  • You can assign a single or multiple coupons to a discount
  • You can generate coupon codes based on a prefix and suffix. You can also define the number of random characters to be generated in between
  • Enter the maximum usage of a coupon per customer. This requires that your customer has created an account and is logged in
  • Enter the maximum usage overall of a coupon. For example, a coupon can be used a maximum of 5 times
  • Enable/disable your coupon

General notes:

  • The code that we set on the information tab, will be used as well for the coupon name.
  • If there is no accounting ID or internal name, we can use the same name to fulfill all the fields: accounting ID, internal name and the field used to identify in the accounting system.
  • Important to always set up availability dates and activate the coupon so it can be tested and shared with customers.