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New And Improved Team Store UI: Compact View of Brikl


Brikl's platform has been designed to offer you best-in-class, next-generation team store features. But the word on the street is that some of these features can be a little hard to spot! 

As you may notice in the images below, we've streamlined your user experience by ensuring you don't have to horizontally scroll to view functions on the right. 





This more compact view allows you to see features and functions you can use across the platform at-a-glance while heightening the relevancy of each feature to your needs. 

Here's what's changed


Localizing your store upon setup is so important to making sure your store is accessible, relevant and enjoyable for all your customers, worldwide.

That's why you can now enter translations in the information tab, streamlining the process of creating or updating your store. 


As the image above shows, leaving the languages you've set up blank (these languages are specified in 'Settings', located at the very bottom of your dashboard, on the left) will show an alert on the tab. This alert gives you a heads up on the fields you've left blank. 


We've consolidated all you need to know about your products under the catalog tab. Previously, catalog, collections and product packages were all separate tabs. 



Everything you need to control and secure your store's visibility and security is now under availability. We've moved password options into this view to reduce the number of clicks it takes for you to manage your store.



Previously called 'branding', your new content view has all the features you need to personalize and customize your in-store experience. Consider this your creative hub where you can set the look and feel of your shop.


As a much-loved and used feature, fundraising tab has moved to the middle of our dashboard functions. 


The new and improved payment configuration you see here is shown on a shop level - but remember to configure them in your Stripe account first. You then need to enable them in your settings.

Read more about payments here


Contact email

Now you can funnel and define which contact email you want to use for different purposes. And just like the payment configuration described above, setting your contact email works at a shop level but can be overridden at team store level. 

Sender: This is what address the email originates from. For example: will be the email displayed when a message is sent from merchant to customer.

Receiver: This is the address the merchant will receive the email order notification. 

Contact request

When a customer fills out a contact form that you have built through Brikl's content builder, you will receive an email to your designated email address. 


Lead created

When a lead generation form in the design room is filled out, you will receive an email to the emails specified in the lead-created fields. 


Quotation request 

When a quote is requested from a customer on a product page, such as the one in the picture below, you will receive an email to the emails specified in the quotation request fields.Quotation-request-form

Order created

Once a customer has completed checkout, you will receive an email notification. 


Upload business logo

Upload the business logo you would like to go out in email confirmations. An important point to note is that we only send out an email confirmation in the event of an order. 

If you wish to notify your customers that their form submission has been received, we advise creating a thank you page, such as this one:


That's all that's changed for now! Got any comments, questions or feedback on these features? Let us know in the comments below.