What is deployment and how do I use it

Deployment is a function that makes content you change on your website pages publicly visible. Changes on these pages are not externally viewable until deployed.

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Dynamic pages

Static pages

How to make a deployment

There are two types of pages or content that get published: static and dynamic. Deployments are required for static pages, not for dynamic pages.

When first setting up a new Brikl account, a one-time deployment is required. To deploy successfully, an account must have a home page set up. Read below for more information.

Dynamic (real-time) pages


All MicroStore pages, including the homepage, product and collection pages, cart, and checkout pages, are dynamic pages and will show the most recent data at all times. Deployment is not required as these pages update in real time. 

All updates you make to product prices, product package prices, libraries (except the font library), discounts (promotions or coupons), or upcharges (fundraising or fees) for MicroStores are made in real-time. No deployments are required

Deployments are not required for MicroStores - all updates are visible onsite in real time.

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3D Visualization Studio

All updates you make in the 3D Visualization Studio are dynamic. Likewise, all updates you make to the Design Studio libraries (except the font library) are made in real-time. No deployments are required.

Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 13.16.55

Static pages

Deploying changes across static pages will ensure that your most recent changes are publicly visible. 


Deployments are needed for all your static pages, including the storefront homepage, product pages, collection pages, and theme settings.

All updates you make to product prices, product package prices, discounts (promotions or coupons), or upcharges (fundraising or fees) for your storefront require deployment.

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Font library

Changes you make in the font library require a deployment.

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When you add a new currency, a deployment is needed.

Screenshot 2022-08-20 at 06.52.36

How to make a deployment?

Go to Dashboard > Sales Channel > Storefront > (select your storefront) > Deployment.

A deployment cycle is usually completed in around 10 minutes. 


How to roll back changes?

Hitting the publish button or rolling back to a specific deployment date will allow that particular deployment to be displayed in the storefront instead of the latest one.

So no more going back and forth updating the same pages or the same sets of data if you made a mistake. You can simply click the “Publish” button in the deployment tab to recall the settings.