How do I localize languages?

Localizing languages can ensure your customers a better experience, from first click to checkout.

How to add local languages 

From your Brikl dashboard, go to Settings > Language and select from the dropdown.
Brikl currently supports six languages, but more can be added upon request - contact us for more information.

Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 14.11.33

Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 14.25.19

Supported languages - geolocation

English - UK United Kingdom
English - US United States
English - AU Australia
French - FR France
French - CA Canada
German - GE Germany
Spanish - MX Mexico
Spanish - ES Spain
Netherlands - NL Netherlands
China - CN China
Thailand - TH Thailand
Japan - JP Japan
Latvia - LV Latvia
Norway - NO Norway
Portuguese - PT Portugal
Portuguese - BR Brazil

When you have set multiple languages, the initial language will be selected based on the geolocation of your customer when they visit the store. Your customers can choose to select a different language manually in your store.

Changing the language in your storefront

You can add a language selector in the header or footer of your store.