Set up your domain

A domain is the URL or website address your customers go to find your store online. That's why choosing the right domain name for you is so important.

What's a domain name?

A web address you'd type into a browser, for example,, is also known as a domain name. You can think of this as an extension of your brand or company, so be sure to choose a domain name that is simple, memorable and will represent your company well for years to come.

How can I set up my Brikl domain name?

Your default domain uses the format, but you can change this by buying a custom domain name from any third-party domain registrar. This allows you to create a fully customized domain name, such as, and connect it to Brikl.

How can I link my custom domain name to Brikl?

Learn more about linking your custom domain to Brikl. 

Primary domain or subdomain?

A primary domain is your main domain name, i.e., the one chosen as your website address. If you only have the one domain name registered, this will be your primary domain. For example, is a primary domain address.

A subdomain is a subset of an existing domain. For example, is a subdomain of In this example, ‘custom’ is the subdomain, ‘brikl’ is the primary domain and ‘.com’ is the top level domain (TLD).

You can use any text as your subdomain, but you want to make sure it’s easy to type and remember. Common subdomain names include "custom", "teamstores", "teamwear" and "design".