Set up payment gateways and methods

All Brikl-supported payment methods rely on Stripe, Omise or PayGate to process transactions.

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What is Stripe

Create your Stripe account

Enable Stripe Connect and add payment methods

Add manual payment methods

Assign payment methods to a storefront or MicroStore

Omise and PayGate

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment processing platform that allows you to transfer money from a customer's bank account into your business account by way of a credit or debit card transaction. You can find a list of supported payment methods here.

When a customer checks out, they can choose to pay for their order using any of the payment methods that you've enabled with Stripe. You can find a list of supported payment methods here.

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Brikl currently supports following online payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • BanContact
  • iDEAL
  • Sofort

Create your Stripe account

Ready to get started? First create an account with Stripe. In most cases, the account approval process is nearly instantaneous. 

Enable Stripe Connect and add payment methods

Once you have created a Stripe account, you can enable Stripe Connect from your dashboard and add payment methods.

Go to dashboard > Settings > Payments. Make sure to also select your currency.

Stripe Connect works by allowing your Stripe account to connect to Brikl’s. Once the the two accounts are connected, the API can process payments from your buyers and automatically transfer them to you.

You become the merchant of record and Brikl is able to set an application fee on each transaction. This fee is registered as a payment from you to us and acts as the commission fee from the sale.

Allow your customers to pay in local currency rather than pay an exchange rate. For example, if you are based in the US and selling in Canada, you could create a secondary stripe account for Canadian Dollars to maximize value for money for your customers.

Step 1 - Select the payment methods

Step 2 - Make a connection

You can enable Stripe Connect in test mode prior to go-live.

You will be requested to review and update your details, and establish a connection.

Once the connection has been established, the payment methods will be visible in your dashboard.Untitled design-jpg


Apple Pay only works in a Safari browser, not in e.g., Chrome or Firefox. Read more about this on the Apple website.

Add manual payment methods

You can also add manual payment methods:

  • Bank transfers: Customers can pay via ACH or wire transfer. Payment will still be expected in full prior to shipping. 
  • Purchase order: Once the customer receives their terms of payment, the purchase order can be submitted to the merchant so that payment can be processed at a later time. 

It's important to note the Brikl commission fee shall be payable in respect of any sales by the Licensee that were commenced or originated online via the Brikl software and/or platform or via the Licensee’s website notwithstanding that such sales may subsequently be concluded and paid for offline.

Check our terms of service for more on this. 

Add payment methods to a storefront or team store

You can also add payment methods on a storefront / team store level. The storefront / team store payment methods will be merged with the shop payment methods.

If payment methods aren't defined on a storefront or team store, they'll inherit the payment configuration you set at shop level. 


Omise and PayGate

Omise is a payment gateway for Thailand, Japan and Singapore, providing both online and offline payment solutions to merchants. 

PayGate is a leading payment gateway in South Africa, providing online payment solutions for businesses and individuals.

Please contact your account manager for configuration instructions.