How to set up store credits

You can now issue store credit codes. These allow your customers to make MicroStore purchases and redeem credits as payment.

Store credits can be used against the full total of a cart or as part payment.

Simply generate the store credit coupon code and send it to your customer as you would a discount code.  Store credits can also be combined with other coupons and discount codes.

💡 Check out our Knowledge Base article on setting up coupon codes before creating store credits to help familiarize you with the process. 

Setting up.

To create and set a value for your store credit:

Step 1: Go to Menu > Discounts > Coupons > Create coupon.

Step 2: You’ll be prompted to select a type. Select store credit and click 'Create'.


Step 3: Fill in all fields. The store credit value field will be the amount assigned to your credits. If you want to set a valid from/expiry date and time, you can set that in the ‘Availability’ section here. 

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 11.34.17

☝🏽Every store credit code generated applies to one employee/customer. Coupons cannot be set on a store level (but this feature will be available soon). 

Step 4: Generate store credit codes by going to the Coupons tab and clicking Generate Codes > Generate New Codes.


Step 5: Review all your store credit codes and remaining balances in the Coupon tab. 

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 10.55.06

Step 6: Want your store credit to be used in combination with other coupons or discounts? Go to Dashboard > Discounts > Coupons > Behavior > Coupon combination. 

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 10.18.39

What customers see: Applying store credit.

When customers receive a store credit code, they can apply it at checkout to redeem its value against their purchases.

Customers can add products to their cart as normal. At checkout, they simply need to apply the code to the ‘Coupon/store credit’ field and click 'Apply.'


☝🏽Please note: coupon codes are case-sensitive. 

Coupon store credits are shown as deductions against the full value of the cart, as shown below. 

Checkout_2Step 3: Review the price. 


What you can see: Review store credit balance.

After your customer places an order using their store credit, the credit balance on the dashboard is updated. 

Coupn_credit_balance (1)

Scheduling auto-renewal of store credits 

Step 1: Go to your store credits via Menu > Coupons > Then select the store credits you want to configure > Information. 

Head to the ‘Auto-Renewal’ section.

Step 2: Turn on 'Automatically renew balance', then select your desired schedule and save.

☝ The current version of this feature only allows you to renew credits annually or monthly. Credits are only set to renew on the first day of the month or year, depending on your preferred schedule.

Store credits will be refreshed monthly or annually according to the amount you’ve specified.