How to connect your domain name to Brikl

A domain is the URL or website address where your customers can find your online store. Keep your domain name simple, memorable and relevant.

How do I change my domain name? 

Wondering what a domain name is? Check out our introductory article here

Step 1

Point your domain name to Brikl

Your default Brikl domain uses the format, but you have the option to customize this to a shorter, more relevant domain if you wish. 

First you need to buy a custom domain name from any third-party domain registrar. Connecting your third-party domain to Brikl points your domain name to your Brikl store. However, you will will still need to use the third-party domain provider to manage your settings, manage payments and renewal for your domain.

If you're looking for endorsed and affordable registrars, this article can be a useful guide. 

Here's how to connect your new (sub)domain name to Brikl:
  • Log in your domain provider account.
  • Find your DNS settings and go to your domain management area, DNS configuration section, or similar.
  • The domain settings panel might feature dropdown menus, editable fields, checkboxes or editable tables.
  • Find the CNAME record in your DNS settings.
  • Change your www CNAME record to point to Use the existing entries as a guide, or follow your provider's instructions.
    • If you are pointing a primary domain, enter the following:

      Type: CNAME

      Host: @


    • If you are pointing a subdomain, enter the following (the example below assumes your custom domain is ""):

      Type: CNAME

      Host: custom


CNAME records must always point to a domain name, never to an IP address.

A name record is not a reliable solution. We recommend forwarding to the www domain instead.

  • Save the CNAME record (usually by clicking 'Save', Add Record', or similar).
  • Now you need to verify your connection in Brikl.

Step 2 - Contact Brikl Support

After you have pointed your domain name to Brikl, please contact Brikl support. Our team will:

  • Configure the domain name in our system, and release the SSL certificate for your Brikl site. Your site is now HTTPS enabled.

    An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website's identity and enables an encrypted connection. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a security protocol that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser.

    • Update the Share Links in your account:
      • Storefront share link

      • Team store share link

        Untitled (1)

      • Design Room share link

        Untitled (2)