Introduction to 3D Visualization

Streamline the way you create 3D renderings from 2D flat sketches

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Where to find the 3D Visualization Studio

Configure the 3D Visualization Studio

3D Visualization and Export


The 3D Visualization Studio is a powerful tool to create 3D renderings from 2D flat sketches you have created in Illustrator. Once done successfully, you can download the images from the 3D Visualization Studio, and upload them to a MicroStore or use for marketing purposes.

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Where to find the 3D Visualization Studio

There are two ways to access the 3D Visualization Studio in the dashboard:

  • Navigate to the Catalog tab and go to Products. Select a product and click on the 3D Visualization tab.Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 06.12.59
  •  Go to the Design tab, and select 3D Visualization. Select the product from the dropdown menu in the Studio.
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Configuring the 3D Visualization Studio

You can manage the following configurations in the Design Studio:

  • Upload products
    Brikl offers an exclusive digitization service to companies that would like to digitize their own products into high-quality 3D models for private use. Brikl also has a curated library of 3D models that you can choose from.
  • Configure the Design Studio settings
    You can configure assets, materials, elements and light settings.

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Visualize and export

You can perform the following actions in the 3D Visualization Studio:

  • Convert 2D designs into a 3D rendering

    You don't need coding experience - simply drag and drop a 2D design from Illustrator to Brikl to see the 3D rendering in real-time and review the 2D and the 3D model side-by-side. 

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