Introduction to the Design Studio

Streamline the way you design and sell your products using Brikl's Design Studio

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Where to find the Design Studio in the dashboard

How to use different views

Configure your Design Studio

Visualize, share and export

Edit leads

Edit orders


The Design Studio is a powerful tool for engaging your customers by allowing them to customize your products, and submit an inquiry or place an order.

As a merchant you can take full control on how you want to configure the Design Studio for your customers, and what files you want to share or export.Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 11.07.18

Where to find the Design Studio in the dashboard

There are two ways to access the Design Studio in the dashboard:

  • Navigate to the Catalog tab and go to Products. Select a product and click on the Design Studio tab.
  •  Go to the Design tab, and select the Design Studio tab. Select the product from the dropdown menu in the Studio Editor.designtudio02

How to use different views

You can toggle back and forth between the merchant view and customer view.

The merchant view has:

  • The same look and feel as what was formerly known as the 'Design Room' where you can work with your designs.
  • Customization features that allow you to configure the studio from the Studio Settings menu.
  • Export and share design functionalities.
  • A full view of all design steps. 

In the merchant view, all design steps are visible by default, with the exception of the placeholder and personalization design step.

  • The customer view has:

    • A studio preview from the customer's point of view.
    • Themes, colors, styles, design steps, etc., included.
    • A view of design steps as enabled by the merchant.

In the customer view, only the design steps that have been added in Studio Settings > Design Steps are visible.

Configuring the Design Studio

You can manage the following configurations in the Design Studio:

  • Upload products
    Brikl offers an exclusive digitization service to companies that would like to digitize their own products into high-quality 3D models for private use. Brikl also has a curated library of 3D models that you can choose from.

Screenshot 2021-12-10 at 13.56.52

Visualize, share and export

You can perform the following actions in the Design Studio:


Edit leads

Read more how to edit leads in the Design Studio here.

Edit orders

Read more how to edit orders in the Design Studio here.