Setting up a storefront

What is a storefront? How should you set one up? And what are the benefits of having one? We answer your burning questions below.

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What is a storefront

Setting up a storefront

Setting up a storefront homepage

What is a storefront?

A storefront acts as a landing page to, or homepage of, your MicroStore. And the great thing about Brikl is that you can have multiple MicroStores under the same storefront.

Running multiple online stores presents valuable opportunities for:

  • Selling different brands
  • Enhancing your ability to cross-promote and upsell
  • Managing your MicroStores on different domains
  • Selling your products in a highly targeted, personalized way. This is an increasingly important and attractive benefit to online shoppers.

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How do I set a storefront up?

Go to your Brikl account: Sales Channels > Storefronts

Brikl is a multi-channel e-commerce platform, which means you can add any number of StoreFronts. Each StoreFront runs on a separate domain and has its own theme. Please contact Brikl if you want more StoreFronts to be added to your account.

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Understanding what information you need to include and when is important to get properly set up.

  • An ‘Internal Name’ is for reporting purposes only - it’s an optional field.
  • The ‘Name’ is for internal use only - it’s a mandatory field.
  • Enter the domain URL. This will be the domain for your new storefront. Once you have set up a new storefront, you can then assign it to a MicroStore.

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The catalog is the backbone of your store and contains all your products, product packages, and collections for every storefront. But remember to assign these to each storefront.

Products, product packages, and collections must be assigned to a sales channel in order for them to be visible and ready for sale in your MicroStore. Read more here.


Make your customer’s journey as effortless as possible while promoting your brand whenever you can.

  • You can upload a logo and favicon to each new storefront
  • You can create and assign a new theme for each storefront that you set up.

The Content Builder can be used when building a simple homepage for a  storefront to act as landing pages through which users can access multiple MicroStores.

Contact email

Let your customers know who they should reach out to with burning questions, issues, and queries.

Setting your contact email works at a shop level but can be overridden at a storefront level.

If you have multiple storefronts, make sure to add your email contacts on a storefront level, and not on an account (shop) level.


Deployment is needed every time you make a change to your storefront, including homepage, content pages, product pages, collection pages, and theme settings.


How do I set up a storefront homepage

Every storefront needs to have a homepage. If no homepage is set, the landing page will display an error message.

A homepage for a storefront acts as a landing page through which users can access multiple MicroStores. Example:

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Go to Content Builder > Settings.

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Set the page to be the homepage.

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Add content to your homepage. Read more on how to use the Content Builder here.

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