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Nothing’s quicker than on-demand.

Sell custom products on-demand. Create company stores, team stores, and other online stores fast. No inventory or upfront cost.

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What makes us different

Our unique features give you an unbelievable competitive advantage.

Set Up in Minutes

Rapidly make catalogs and assign to stores.

Set Team Roles

Choose team member access and roles.

Design (merchant)
Decorate in Style

Preset placeholders simplify decorating.

How to set up
on-demand stores

We make selling superheroes (cape not included). Drag, drop, create, and decorate all on one platform. Sell custom on demand products with Brikl.

Create your catalog

Search, sort, filter, and
manage your products

Add branding

Upload a logo to
personalize the store

Ship it out

Relax. Let decorators
ship your products

Why go

Risk-free, no inventory held

Eliminate design errors

Set up and sell in 15 minutes

Pull hundreds of bestselling products into your stores

Mix hard goods and apparel

Order from a quantity of 1

go on-demand

It always pays to be early

Get a competitive advantage and lock down our early
access price before July 1st.

Early Access On-Demand

Until July 1st

$ 49 p/m

+ 3.5% transaction fee


  • $350 training & onboarding fee (4 hours in hour blocks)
  • $99 on-demand store build fee

Store build fee includes up to 20 products

Brikl and FAST Platform are the disruption that the industry needs.There's a better way of doing things and this is it.”

Danielle Augustine, VP of Sales at FAST Platform

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Brikl insights: on-demand

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