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Create &
sell custom products

Create on demand stores fast. Choose from top suppliers and benefit from the largest decorator network.

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What makes us different

Our unique features give you an unbelievable competitive advantage.

Set Up in Minutes

Streamline sales with 1-click store duplication, templates, and more.

No Minimums

Order from 1 to an infinite number of products.


Boost sales and enhance customer experience with unique multi-logo decoration.

product mockup
Product Mockups

Preview product artwork before adding them to your store.

Access Top Suppliers

Tap into an expanding catalog of bestselling products.

How to set up
on-demand stores

We make selling superheroes (cape not included). Drag, drop, create, and decorate all on one platform. Sell custom on demand products with Brikl.

Create your catalog

Choose from thousands of top supplier products

Mock up products

Add artwork to your products on the platform and enjoy multi-logo decoration.

Set up your store

Add branding, shipping, and store details

Ship it out

Sit back and relax while decorators ship your products

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Why go

Risk-free, no inventory held

Eliminate design errors

Set up and sell in 15 minutes

Pull hundreds of bestselling products into your stores

Mix hard goods and apparel

Order from a quantity of 1

go on-demand

Brikl insights: on-demand


The Ultimate Formula to Building Million-Dollar Company


Setting Up an Online Store: The
Power of On-Demand Production


Maximizing Sales: On-Demand
Promotional Products

It always pays to be early

Get a competitive advantage and lock down our early
access price before July 1st.

Access On-Demand

$ 49 p/m

+ 3.5% transaction fee

  • Unlimited stores
  • Top products from leading suppliers
  • No binding contracts
  • Freedom to cancel at any time


  • $350 training & onboarding fee (4 hours in hour blocks)
  • $99 on-demand store build fee

Refer a Friend

Save $49 per referral

  • Refer a friend to get a free month
  • Once registered, your referee gets a month free
  • When your referral makes a sale, you get another free month

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Brikl and FAST Platform are the disruption that the industry needs.There's a better way of doing things and this is it.”

Danielle Augustine, VP of Sales at FAST Platform

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