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We help you integrate and automatically move information back and forth between BRIKL and other platforms or apps.

BRIKL online shop

3D configurator for your BRIKL online shop
Build your own ecommerce website with BRIKL and plug in your 3D configurator and team stores seamlessly.
Integration BRIKL

Private Shopify app

3D Product customizer for your Shopify shop
  • Getting started with BRIKL’s online configurator for Shopify is easy.
  • BRIKL has built a private Shopify app that can be installed in your Shopify store.
  • The BRIKL native app for Shopify works seamlessly with the Shopify checkout process.
  • Contact us now to have the private Shopify app installed for your shop.
Shopify integration BRIKL

Magento extension

3D product configurator for your Magento shop
  • Plugging in BRIKL’s online 3D configurator extension for your Magento ecommerce site is simple.
  • Visit the Magento marketplace and download the BRIKL extension. Next, create an account with BRIKL and you’re ready to go.
  • Contact us now to help you get started.
Magento integration BRIKL

Custom embed code

A 3D configurator for any website
  • Add the BRIKL 3D Configurator to any website like Wordpress, SquareSpace, WooCommerce, Wix or Webflow.
  • With the BRIKL embed code, you can load the 3D Configurator inside of an iFrame anywhere you want.
iframe integration BRIKL


Webhooks help you integrate anything with BRIKL. In a few easy steps you can connect any app or service you use to your BRIKL pages and backend shop.

Using a script or custom code, you can send information collected on your BRIKL pages to be transformed, parsed, manipulated, and sent to whatever other tools you’re using.
Webhooks integration BRIKL

3rd Party Integrations

Get integrations between your online store, CRM, ERP, and back office applications to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Webhooks integration BRIKL

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