How to set up personalization for products

Personalization options can be applied to products that have personalization enabled.

Why set up personalization?

Setting up personalization for your products allows customers to add their name, logos or numbers for a surcharge, if required.

You can set up personalization on a product level or on a microsite (team store) level.

How to set up personalization on a product level

To enable this feature on a product level:

  1. Go to dashboard > Catalog > Product > Personalization
  2. Create a new group, and name your personalization.
  3. Select the default option, and name the personalization option
  4. Select your desired type: Text or number, multi-selection, single selection.
  5. Enter your personalization fields.

When you apply personalization on a product level, it will apply to all storefronts and microstores (team stores) that the product is assigned to.

    Examples of personalization settings:

    • Single: front length (+2cm)
    • Multiple: chest pocket, side pocket
    • Input: name or number

    Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 13.25.30

    Thanks to our new duplication prevention feature, customers cannot accidentally add the same number to cart multiple times. This minimizes returns and customer service emails, messages, and interactions.  

    Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 15.23.39

    What is the message if a number is duplicated?

    a) Allow duplication (With warning)

    b) Do now allow duplication


    How to setup personalization on a microstore level?

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    How to setup personalization for custom products?

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