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Setting shipping rates allows your customers a localized and customized experience.

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What are shipping rates? 

How do I set shipping rates in my Brikl store? 

What are shipping zones?

How to select the shipping method as a customer

Using ShipStation for printing shipping labels

What are shipping rates? 

Shipping rates are what you charge your customer to have their goods delivered in addition to the costs of the products in their cart. 

How do I set shipping rates in my Brikl store? 

Add shipping methods and set shipping rates against each at shop and sales channel level. This allows your customers and you as a merchant complete flexibility and a more tailored experience at checkout.

Shipping rates can be set at two levels:

  • Shop level - If you have multiple storefronts, the shipping rates you apply at a shop level will be applied to all the storefronts. (Dashboard > Settings > Shipping)

  • Team store level - You can also override their shipping rates on a team store level. (Saleschannels > Team Stores > Shipping)


Shipping rates cannot be set on a storefront level. They can only be set on a shop or team store level.

Shipping rates must be entered including tax (or VAT/GST)

What are shipping zones?

Use shipping zones to define your shipping regions i.e. the countries or territories you ship to. You can set shipping zones on a country level, or on a regional level.

Only shipping zones that are defined in the Dashboard, can be selected by the customer in the checkout page when placing the order.


Each shipping zone can be associated to a specific shipping rate or defined according to order value. Eg. 2-3 day working day delivery times, carbon neutral transport, shipping to EU countries, free pickup, or pickup from a consolidation point.shipping04

  • Example - 1


  • Example - 2
  • This feature can be defined on a shop level and overwritten on a team store level, as shipping methods can be different for team stores, e.g. free in-store collection or from a consolidation point.
  • You can set multiple flat rates, in case you want free shipping above a certain purchase value.
  • Shipping rates are always entered including tax.
  • When you have at least one shipping method, you can set one of them as a default.
  • If you set shipping rates at an EU level, for example, you will override specific shipping rates set at country level within the EU. And then at a country level, selecting Belgium, for example, will override the shipping rates you have selected for the EU.
  • Default shipping methods cannot be deleted.

How to select the shipping method as a customer

After customers enter their shipping address in the checkout page, they will be able to see and select available shipping methods. Their shipping will then be calculated at checkout.

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Using ShipStation

With Brikl’s ShipStation integration, a seamless customer journey is offered from order through to fulfillment.

ShipStation helps you quickly generate shipping labels for all of your online orders. With ShipStation, you can print a label, or batch orders for rapid multi-label creation.

For more information about a ShipStation integration, contact us.