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Why customers choose BRIKL over OMG?

Group leaders, coaches and team managers love BRIKL because it saves them countless hours trying to gather orders, collect money and distributing gear.

With team/group purchasing, BRIKL takes all the extra work and headache.

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Full ecommerce website

BRIKL is a full ecommerce website allowing all team/group stores, stock merchandise and your company information on your own website. OMG only offers Micro website stores on their platform.

With BrikL, customers can buy products from different team/group stores on the same purchase. This cannot be done with OMG.

With BRIKL, you have all the tools you need to build your own unique  team/group store pages. With OMG, you have to go with their default page layout.

With BrikL you can have system integration service for ERP, account, shipping or other systems. OMG does not.

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Available worldwide

OMG cannot take payments from customers in Europe. With BrikL there are not any limitations.

BrikL is Multi-Language and Multi-currency – OMG is not

Add your own domain name

Use your own domain name for branding to your customer. OMG does not allow you to use your own domain.

Pricing that works for everyone

OMG account set-up fee is $1899. BrikL starts at €29 per month. There is no long term contract so you can stop at anytime or continue as you like.
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