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Why customers choose BRIKL
over Kit Builder?

BRIKL is the first company that provides an out-of-the box 3D configurator.

Select a design from our free library and start selling custom-made products online immediately.

BRIKL also fully automates the design-to-manufacturing process saving you up to 70% of the design time and 20% of the production time/cost.

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Easy to use

BRIKL is simple and easy to use and does not require any coding experience. With BRIKL, adding new designs takes minutes, not hours. Simply drag-and-drop your new design into the system.

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Share 3D preview

Drag and drop your 2D pattern into BRIKL and show customers the 3D version in a sharable link instantly.
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Run a muti-store account

BRIKL allows you to run a 3D configurator in multiple stores when selling to different teams, brands, dealers or retailers teams.
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Product configurator - Bikini

Full solution or embedded app

BRIKL 3D configurator can be your all-in-one ecommerce solution or integrated into your current ecommerce. Kit Builder only offers as an App.

Production ready

Designs can be exported as production-ready files once a customer has checked out. This can’t be done in Kit Builder.
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Pricing that works for everyone

KitBuilder licensing with add-ons is £3,000-£12,000, plus £70 - £850 per month hosting. BRIKL 3D Configurator is €89-€189 per month. It includes full ecommerce and group/team store selling features, available for a % commission.
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