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Brikl Appoints Foot Locker's Tiffany Kirksey as its Director of Operations

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Brikl, an online store technology that helps distributors, dealers, promotional businesses, and suppliers set up branded web stores, is proud to announce that Tiffany Kirksey has joined Brikl as its Director of Operations.

Prior to joining Brikl, Tiffany worked for Foot Locker for almost 24 years. During her Foot Locker career, Tiffany worked closely with development, search and data, infrastructure, eCommerce website production issues, and data security.

Her latest role was as the Senior Manager of Team Sales Marketing, where she managed the team store platform. By maintaining and working with developers on new enhancements and troubleshooting production issues, Tiffany and her team managed over 7,000 team stores per year for schools, clubs, and partnerships. 

I am thrilled to be joining the Brikl team, a team that is leading the next generation of MicroStore technology! I look forward to learning more and working closely with the entire team. I can't wait to help make a difference by sharing my industry knowledge to help our clients and our platform grow.

Tiffany Kirksey.

“Tiffany brings unparalleled industry experience to Brikl’s operations with a unique insight into backend and frontend solutions, from data security to driving value for businesses in our market,” Jason Reinhardt comments. “So, not only does she have her ear to the ground when it comes to industry pain points, but she’s able to bring pragmatic solutions to the table when it comes to our technology.

“As we continue to expand, we’re maintaining a solid stance on hiring not just the best people but the right people to ensure that Brikl continues to drive sales exponentially and into the future of the market.”

Maarten Boone, CEO of Brikl, comments, "We couldn’t be happier to welcome Tiffany to the Brikl family. To remain at the forefront of what we do as a business, we recognize how critical it is to attract accomplished professionals of this caliber to drive our operations forward.

“Her 24-year career at Eastbay Footlocker has armed her with the invaluable market and operational intelligence that will inform everything we do across our platform. We're incredibly proud of how our platform continues to be at the forefront of the market and how our next-generation online store technology continues to counter the complexity faced by promotional and teamwear businesses, decorators, and suppliers. As our specialist team grows, the benchmarks we’ll set will be exponential."

About Brikl

Brikl is a leading online store technology for custom and promotional companies. Founded in 2016 by Maarten Boone, Tobias Meixner, and Jason Reinhardt, Brikl offers a 15-minute online store setup, expedites the design process, and offers other specialist features.

For more information, visit www.brikl.com.


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