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PPAI Expo 2023.

If manually setting up online stores, order management, and designing are a daily reality, let’s show you how Brikl technology can help you save this time, make money, and scale.

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Your all-in-one solution.

Is manual order entry, store setup and personalization slowing you down? Brikl technology plugs into your existing systems, allowing you to set up online stores, live catalogs, bespoke proposals and more, in 15 minutes or less.

Features designed specifically for promotional businesses ensure that what took hours now take minutes.


Custom reports.

Manual data entry can take up to 25 hours a week, per store, when processing orders. Brikl’s custom reporting tool automates the process of creating tailored reports for customers, suppliers and decorators.

Increase productivity, sales, and get back to doing what you love.


Supplier integrations.

A lack of visibility on pricing, stock levels, and inventory are common obstacles. Vault them through Brikl technology.

Get transparency on your supplier’s full catalog, pull products into your online store or catalog as products to sell, and customize with artwork and logos in just a few clicks.


Life after PPAI: Keep things simple.

Many businesses in the custom and promotional industry operate using legacy systems and time-consuming manual entry.

Safeguard your success and grow your sales by a minumum of 35% in the first month through our highly specialized technology.



On-demand production

We won’t just grow and scale your business, we’ll set it up for the future of the market.


Drag-and-drop simplicity

Why complicate complex processes? Brikl technology has been designed to offer an intuitive, end-to-end experience.


Our friends are yours

Our growing partner network enables you to make use of some of the most trusted names in the industry.


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