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Live webinar | August 9, 2023, 10:00 EST

Future of e-Commerce
in the Promotional Products Industry

Join us for an exclusive webinar as we delve into the promotional products industry trends and the transformative potential of digital tools!


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What to expect

We feel your pain; the industry operates in the dark age of order spreadsheets and never-ending email chains. It’s time to sign up for a digital revolution! 

Brikl, a leading online store solution for the promotional products industry, and Aturian, the integrated ERP solution for distributors, are coming together for an industry-changing conversation. 


  • Recent Trends: The shift from catalog-based sales to the exciting world of online platforms.
  • Changing Consumer Behavior: Dive headfirst into the minds of today's consumers and see how they're changing the game for promotional products. 
  • Supply Chain Challenges: Supply chain management is more volatile than ever; online solutions are a painkiller! Revolutionize your supply chain, and make it greener, leaner, and meaner, all while delivering top-notch order fulfillment experiences.
Give your customers an experience they'll never forget, and leave your competition in the dust!

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Meet the speakers

Dan 2


    Dan Vermont

     VP of Global Sales &

     Operations at Brikl




    Jason Reinhardt

     Brikl’s CCO & Co-founder




    Matt Staff

     Director of Sales at Aturian




Suz Pathmanathan

VP of Marketing at Brikl


About Brikl:

Brikl is a leading online store solution dedicated to empowering businesses in the promotional products industry. With innovative technology and seamless integrations, Brikl enables businesses to save countless hours and increase sales while reducing pressure on people and the planet.


About Aturian:

Aturian is a trusted industry expert in promotional products, providing invaluable insights and guidance to businesses looking to excel in their marketing efforts. With their expertise and comprehensive solutions, Aturian helps businesses navigate the ever-changing landscape of the promotional products industry.