How to set the quality of the 3D models in the Design Studio

Select the resolution of your 3D model for optimal quality and performance.

Think about image resolution (or pixel resolution) when it comes to a photograph. A single image is made of millions of pixels, which when combined, create the whole image onscreen. More pixels generally means better image quality.

With a 3D model, choosing a higher image quality setting ensures sharper images.

Setting a higher image quality setting also means that image performance may decrease and loading speed times may increase due to the 3D image's larger file size and a loss of compression.

Set 3D quality

Adjust the performance and quality of your 3D model

Check out our pixel calculation for an impression of the resolution:

  • Highest – 10000px dimension
  • High – 7000px dimension
  • Medium – 5000px dimension (default)
  • Low – 2500px dimension