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Why Customers Love BRIKL? The Art Of Upsell

BRIKL can increase your sales volume, lower your cost and speed up production. There is no complicated process to learn. Discover more about Brikl.

Brikl news

S-Trend Launches Its First Team Store On Brikl

S-Trend is an international custom sportswear company. And with the launch of their first Brikl team store, it's pushing its brand mission to new...

Internal spotlight

Brikl Beacons: Meryem

From Morocco to Belgium, from mechatronics to Brikl, Meryem's curiosity has led her far and wide. Meet Meryem and discover her backstory here.

New feature

Bulk embellishment

Tired of embellishing artwork and logos on your designs one by one? We hear you. Our bulk embellishment feature has been created to save your sanity...

The Brikl Rebrand: New Beginnings

As Brikl continues to grow and scale, we needed a brand to match. Find out more about the story behind our rebrand.