Domain forwarding

Forward your non-www to www

❗Only do this if you want your main site, e.g. to point to BRIKL via your www subdomain ( and are not using a custom subdomain for an existing site like e.g. This is generally done to forward people who don’t type www in front of the url to be able to find your site as well.

Once you have pointed your new domain name (e.g. to Brikl (, the next step is to forward your non-www to www. (e.g. →

What is domain forwarding?

A domain using domain forwarding forwards traffic from the original domain name as entered by the user in the address bar to the specified domain, which is what they'll see that displayed in the address bar instead.

GoDaddy and Brikl

With Brikl, a DNS name is provided rather than IP addresses. This allows for changes to the structure of the service (so you can scale up or down, upgrade, fail and replace, etc.) without having to change DNS or configurations.

Some (technical things) to consider

Our platform doesn't support zone apex records, or 'naked domains' to point or be redirected towards third-party web content. A zone apex record is a DNS record at the root of a DNS zone, such as '' RFC 1034 states that the zone apex must be an A record, and not a CNAME record. This means that the zone apex record must point to one or more IP addresses.

Ready to start domain forwarding your Brikl account using GoDaddy?

Keep in mind, other Domain providers have similar domain forwarding procedures, so use these as a guide for your own provider to do the same:

  1. Go to the control panel of your GoDaddy account and select your domain name from the list, if applicable. You may have just one, in which case, select that one.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to your chosen domain name and then click 'Forward Domain'.
  3. When you've navigated to the forwarding section, click 'Add'.
  4. Type in the domain then add your subdomain (up to 25 characters). In this example, would forward to You generally only do this for www subdomains. If you have a custom subdomain, you generally don’t want to forward your main domain to them so you can separate a main site with your subdomain site.
  5. The 'Forward Type' is permanent (301).
  6. Settings 'Forward only'
  7. Check 'Update my name servers and DNS settings to support this change'.
  8. Preview to test that your domain forwarding has been configured correctly.
  9. Then hit save!

Once everything is propagated, going to either e.g. and/or will lead you to your new BRIKL site.

Some things to consider

  • It can take up to 72 hours for the DNS changes to be fully implemented.
  • You can remove domain forwarding to use your domain with other products. If you delete your forwarded domains, you won't delete the domain names.