How to add a gradient to a design template

Create a customizable gradient template with BRIKL

Color gradients are defined as a gradual blending from one color to another. This blending can occur between colors of the same tone (from light blue to navy blue), colors of two different tones (from blue to yellow), or even between more than two colors (from blue to purple to red to orange). 

This article provides a step-by-step guide how to create gradient design templates with Adobe Illustrator that you can upload into BRIKL Software.

Read more on how to upload a design template here.

Step 1

Select the pieces that need to have gradient coloring.

Step 2

Make sure to have a base color layer underneath the gradient layer

Step 3

Click the gradient icon for a window to pop up.

Step 4

Click the gradient for placement.

Step 5

Select each point to change the color. Make sure both dots are the same color. Double click for a window to pop up.

Step 6

Change one color opacity into 0%

Step 7

The gradient can also be rotated to fit with your designs

Step 8

Combine the same color into 1 colorzone.

Last step

This is what your design template looks like before downloading from Illustrator as an SVG and uploading into BRIKL.