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Live webinar | October 25, 10 AM EST

Power Sales and Stories Through Fundraising Stores: Step Up for Morocco

Save your seat!

Created to raise funds for our Step Up for Morocco initiative, this paid webinar will donate 100% of all proceeds to the Moroccan relief effort.

Why attend?

In a world overrun by digital noise, standing out isn’t just important—it's vital. Whether you’re a non-profit, a sports team, or a social enterprise, you know how challenging it can be to raise both funds and awareness effectively.

Join us in this eye-opening webinar to learn how Brikl’s fundraising stores can be your ultimate weapon to cut through the noise, raise substantial funds, and keep your audience engaged about your cause.



What’s In It for You?

Group 15 (1)

Exclusive access to
downloadable resources and

Group 16 (6)

Live Q&A session with Brikl

Group 13 (3)

Exclusive Step Up for Morocco

What You'll Learn


Tell Powerful Human Stories: Show customers the impact of their contributions.


Boost Brand Awareness: See how your store can be a billboard for your cause.


Automate Like a Pro: Brikl saves you time and money. Focus on what really matters.


Step Up Your Game with Data: Learn to use sales data to your advantage.

Our webinar speakers:
Join them live online: October 25, 10 AM EST
Our webinar speakers:
Join them live online:
October 25, 10 AM EST

Dan 3


    Dan Vermont

     VP of Global Sales
     Operations at Brikl




    Suz Pathmanathan

     VP of Marketing
     at Brikl