Instantly convert your 2D design into a beautiful 3D rendering

3D Visualization

3D Visualization

Convert a 2D design into a beautiful 3D rendering with just a single click. BRIKL is the 3D visualization software you need to turn a 2D flat sketch to a 360 degree spin in real time. 

Easy to use

Simply drag and drop a design template (for garments) or a package template (also known as a dieline for packaging) in the BRIKL 3D rendering software. Review the 2D UV map and the 3D model. You do not need any coding expertise.


Use the BRIKL 3D visualization software with the design software package of your choice like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. You can export your 2D designs in vector format and drag and drop in BRIKL to see the 3D rendering.

Interactive 3D model

Rotate by doing a 360 degree spin to view the product from all angles. You can also zoom in and zoom out to see the details of the model, including textures, seaming, stitching and more.

Save and Versioning

Keep track of the changes made by saving different versions of your visualization. This allows you to share different versions online with others later.

3D Preview link

Share a 3D preview link

Sharing a 3D model online with your customer creates the excitement you need to close a sale.

Link preview generator

Simply click on “Generate preview link” to give you a URL that you can copy.  

Share a link

Paste the preview link in an email to text and send to your customer for review.

Interactive 3D preview

Your customer can open the link in a browser window and interact with the 3D model.

Embed 3D model

Embed 3D Models anywhere

BRIKL 3D Viewer lets you generate embeddable 3D models anywhere. Have your customers play around with interactive 3D images to increase their engagement.

Embed on your website

Embed your 3D model into the source code of your website by inserting our auto-generated JavaScript embeddable code. This product view plugin works for any site like Wordpress, Squarespace or others.

Embed on your blog

If you have a blog on Wordpress, Squarespace, Webflow or Wix, you can add your BRIKL 3D viewer with a simple JavaScript code snippet into your custom widget.

Embed on your eCommerce

The BRIKL 3D Viewer integrates with WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento. Adding 3D products to your shop has never been more straightforward. BRIKL 3D Viewer will be right at home on your customer's desktop and mobiles.

Embed on your portfolio

BRIKL 3D Viewer is also for professional or inspiring designers looking for a tangible solution to embed 3D models to their portfolios. No more tedious recording and editing video. Just drag and drop your design template into BRIKL, render the design in 3D, generate a javascript code, and add the javascript 360 product viewer to your portfolio. BRIKL increases your WOW factor by 10 times.

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