Next Generation
3D Configurator Software

Experience a new level of product customization for sportswear and team wear.

Product configurator - Swimwear
Product configurator - Cycling

Create libraries for your product configurator

Drag and drop all your files and make them accessible to your customers.

Design templates

Upload your design templates with a simple drag-and-drop into the configuration software. No coding or technical expertise  required.

Color palette

Create color (RGB and CMYK) libraries for your product customizer that your customer can choose from. You can assign color palettes to different materials and color zones.

Print library

Create your own print library or artwork library for your 3D configurator software. 

Image and logo library

Create your own image library or logo library for your product editor.
Product configurator - T-shirts

Give design decisions to your customers

With intuitive controls, give your customers the ability to add text, images and beyond.

Text editor

Customers can add text and change the font family, font color, font size, rotation, position, letter spacing and outline color easily. They can move the text around without overlapping the seams of a garment.

Image and logo upload

Customers can drag-and-drop images in the 3D web configurator as jpg, png, pdf, ai and svg. They can remove the background and resize/rotate. Our DPI calculator will tell them if the resolution is right.


Customers can enter their name, numbers, logos or prints (eg flags) into defined areas and have them resized accordingly.

Print upload

Customers can upload their own print/artwork in the 3D Configurator software in a variety of formats: jpg, png, ai, svg and more.

Auto design

The design of a single product can be copied to other products. What took your designers a day to do will take a fraction of the time for your customers to do themselves.
Product configurator - Triathlon

Powerful tools made accessible

Unique features to manage your interactive 3D Configurator. No technical expertise or coding required.

2D and 3D Rendering

Select from a library of 3D models and designs to offer to your customers. If you don't find what you're looking for in our library, contact BRIKL to do the 3D rendering for you.

Placeholder editor

Add placeholders to your products. Define if they should contain text, images or both. Manage the editor directly from the BRIKL dashboard.

Modular configurator

You can define the configuration of your Product Configurator directly from the BRIKL Dashboard. Choose what kind of customizations you want to make available on a product level.

Any 3D model

The online 3D configurator supports any product type: from custom tri suit to custom swim, custom cycling, custom team wear, custom sportswear or any other type of product.

Control your pricing

You decide exactly how much you want to charge for each 3D Configurator customization option. You can set discounts and up-charges based on volume. You can add surcharge prices based on printing techniques selected.

Define your branding

BRIKL is the first online product configurator that allows you to define the look and feel of your brand by changing font types, font sizes, color schemes, icons and layout, and by uploading custom backgrounds.
Product configurator - T-shirts

3D viewer

3D Visualization

Export a png or svg of a 2D design from your favorite design software like Illustrator or CorelDraw, drop it into the system and see the design in full 3D view real time.

Share a preview link

Send a link of your 3D design to your customers so they can see the design in 3D in their browser and zoom/rotate real time.

Auto design

The design of a single product can be copied to other products. What took your designers a day to do will take a fraction of the time for your customers to do themselves.
Product configurator - Apparel

Web to print

BrikL's Product Configurator is also your ​private​ design app for 3D visualization and to create 2D print ready files for production.


Review the 3D designs your customers submitted.  Export in the format you prefer and that your printer supports. Your pattern is ready for production.
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