How to add a design step

Design steps - or customization steps - allow you to tailor designs by changing colors and prints, or adding graphics and text. 

What you need to know about design steps

Before you start, it might be good to know that there is a total of seven design steps currently available across the Brikl platform. 

  1. Color
  2. Text
  3. Image (logo)
  4. Material
  5. Print
  6. Placeholder (personalization)
  7. Order details

Design steps can be added or removed on a product or shop level. Steps that are defined on a shop level will apply to all your products. When you define a step on a product level, it will overwrite the steps on the shop level.

Placeholder and order details steps can only be added on a product level, not on a shop level. You can read up on this here: Placeholders and Order details.

How do I access, create and use design steps? 

In the Design Step configuration panel, you can select the option to add a quotation request form to the shopping cart.

Customers can also fill out the request form and submit to the shop owner when you enable 'Shop default' settings. The quotation form helps you to generate more leads and convert them into sales. Learn more about the quotation form here.

The default state of the studio is to display 3D products. However, with the configurator, you can also enable a 2D view.

This gives you the ability to upload a 2D image or photo of your product. This can be customized by adding text, images or personalization options. Learn more about how to upload 2D images here.

Design steps can be sorted using the input box below the name of each step.

How to add design steps

Step 1

Navigate to your dashboard and go to 'Design'. 

Design step 1


Step 2

Open Design > custom product

Design step 2-1


Step 3

Open the product in the Studio Editor

Design step 3


Step 4

Open the Studio settings menu

Design step 4


Step 5

Open Design steps tab

Design step 5-1


Step 6

In the Shop section, select the new step you want to add or remove. 

Design Step 6


Once you have added all the steps, you can expand each step and assign a sort order. 

Design Step 7


Step 7

You can also set the design steps on a product level. This will overwrite the design steps that you defined on a shop level. 
IMPORTANT: Once you have added your first design step on product level, the design steps on shop level will no longer be applicable.

Design Step 8


Step 8

Make sure the “Show 3D view” is selected. Otherwise you and your customers will not be able to interact with the 3D object.

You can also upload 2D images/photos instead. Learn more about the Show 2D view only here.

Design Step 9


Step 9

You can enable a ‘request for quotation” in your cart settings. By doing so, the customer will  be able to submit a request form. Learn more how requests forms work here.

Design Step 10