Wordpress 3D Configurator

Integrate the BRIKL 3D Product Customizer  into your Wordpress site
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Next generation 3D configurator

Create unique custom products by adding colors, prints, artwork, text, logo and images.

You can view, buy and download for free high quality 3D models from our BRIKL library.  Do you want add your own  3D models for private use? BRIKL offers an exclusive digitization service. 3D models are digitized for you, and are print and production ready.

Wordpress 3D configurator

Sell custom products online

You can gain more leads and sell more online with the BRIKL online configurator for your Wordpress website.
Wordpress 3D configurator

Easy to install

Integrating the BRIKL product configurator into your Wordpress site is quick and easy.

With the BRIKL Custom Widget, you can add the  3D Configurator to Wordpress in no time.
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Wordpress easy install

On-demand production

Let your customers design in 3D and download print-ready pattern files that you need.  Our print and production automation solutions help  you reduce cost and lead time.
Wordpress 3D configurator

Easy to manage

A powerful management dashboard gives you full control on setting up and managing the configurator software, including designs, pricing and branding.

Grow your sales online

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