Brikl: a next-generation to  WordPress

Boost sales, design better and create unforgettable moments for your customers. Everything’s possible with Brikl. Our team of experts will guide you through the setup process—choose as few or as many of Brikl’s features as you like.

Why choose Brikl?


arrow-iconShop builder and eCommerce functionality: Curate and design your collections. Offer competitive pricing and discounts. And view store data in real-time to create a tailor-made customer experience. Brikl’s eCommerce platform drives sales and creativity to a new level.

arrow-iconAnalytics: When you can see how your customers behave across your site, you can better tailor their journey towards conversion: Discover Brikl’s in-built analytics and reporting capabilities for insight-driven decision making.

arrow-iconTeam store: Brikl is the leading provider of team store software. One-click setup, enhanced customization, fundraising options, allow customers to add products from your shop and multiple team stores to their cart, and so much more.

arrow-icon3D Configurator: Whatever your product, Brikl’s next-generation 3D Configurator renders flat designs into 3D at the touch of a button, bringing your vision to life. No technical experience or coding is required. Collaborate with clients and customers on designs through shareable links they can view through their browser. Generate leads and sell your creations online.

arrow-iconOffer unbeatable value: Put your customer at the heart of their buying journey, give them the best value possible and keep them coming back for more. Brikl’s integration features tailor-made discount capabilities, promotions, and gift options.

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