WooCommerce 3D Configurator

A next generation 3D Product Customizer for your Woocommerce online shop

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Customize anything

With BRIKL your customers can customize any custom product based on colors, prints, artwork, text, logos and images.
Woocommerce 3D configurator

Sell more

The BRIKL online Configurator allows you to gain more leads,  increase your conversion rates and sell more online on your WooCommerce webshop.
Woocommerce online configurator

Easy to install

BRIKL is a powerful product Configurator that you can add to your WooCommerce site in minutes.

Simply drop the BRIKL Design Now button into place and bring your 3D configurator online.

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Woocommerce product configurator

Simple to use

BRIKL is a 3D customization software with a powerful management dashboard. You have full control on the customization options you want to make available for your  configurator software. You can give the configurator the feel and look your brand needs.
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