Brikl for Wix

Boost your Wix site with Brikl: a next-generation customizable eCommerce platform designed for effortless setup and use. Setup Brikl’s shop builder and its suite of functions in minutes, ensure secure payments, and design and collaborate across Brikl’s next-generation 3D Configurator.

Our team of experts will guide you through the setup process so you can choose as few or as many of Brikl’s features as you like.

Why choose Brikl for your
Wix site?


arrow-iconYour store. Your rules: Customizability, convenience, and security - Brikl’s eCommerce suite has it all. Set up a fully skinned shop in minutes, benefit from a wide range of secure payments, and more. Brikl has everything to support your store’s selling journey.

arrow-iconGet into the team spirit: Brikl is the leading provider of team store software - want to know why? One-click setup, enhanced customization, fundraising options, and so much more. We’ve made sure nothing stands in the way of you reaching your goals.

arrow-iconBring your vision to life: Brikl’s intuitive, next-generation 3D Configurator renders flat designs into 3D at the touch of a button. No coding required. Collaborate and share designs and so much more.

arrow-iconTake their buying journey further: Put the heart back into your business, from fundraising options that allow donations to tailor-made discounts, promotions, and even gift options for a tailor-made buying experience.

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