Webflow 3D Configurator

Integrate the BRIKL 3D Product Customizer with your Webflow page
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Easy to use 3D configurator

Create unique custom products by adding colors, prints, artwork, text, logo and images.
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Webflow 3D configurator

Drive your sales growth

With BRIKL you can gain more leads and sell more online.

The online Configurator for your Webflow site allows customers to pay for an order online or to submit a request form.
Webflow 3D configurator

Simple to install

Realize a ground-breaking future for your Webflow site with BRIKL's product configurator.

With the BRIKL Custom Code Content, you can install BRIKL 3D Configurator to Webflow in no time.
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Webflow 3D configurator

On demand production

Every design created with BRIKL can be converted into a print-ready file for production.

Webflow 3D configurator

Easy to manage

BRIKL provides a management dashboard that gives you full control on how you want the configurator software to be set-up, on the pricing and the branding.

Grow your sales online

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