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Leading companies in 10+ countries already joined BRIKL.

Warrix, a leading sportswear brand in Thailand, launched BRIKL’s 3D configurator in 2020 to allow their 500+ retailers and end-customers in Thailand and Malaysia to customize football uniforms online. With BRIKL's product configurator the 3D designs are automatically converted into 2D production-ready files which are submitted to their partner-manufacturer Anything Everything.
Have a look at Warrix 3D configurator >
Product configurator - Warrix
Warrix logo
“The new 3D software gives Warrix customers the ability to customize their football uniforms by adding their names and logos … making it their own design. The full integration with production allows orders to be shipped in a record time.”
Product configurator - Zoot
Zoot logo
“We are blown away by what BRIKL have achieved. Our customers can create a unique design using prints, images and colors. It’s unbelievable how easy it is.”
Zoot Sports is a global leader in endurance sports, providing the athlete with the ultimate in performance apparel, wetzoots, footwear and accessories. For 30 years, they have been pioneering innovative product solutions that cover the athlete from start to finish and head to toe.

In 2020 Zoot Europe launched an innovative 3D Configurator from BRIKL to allow their customers to design trisuits themselves. Zoot also launched BRIKL’s online team store software to service triathlon teams in Germany and all over Europe.
Vermarc Sport started in 1977 and is a leading cycling and triathlon team wear company in the Benelux. They are the sponsor of two Tour de France cycling teams: Lotto-Soudal and Deceuninck-Quickstep.  In 2019 Vermarc Sport closed a partnership with BrikL to launch a full turn key ecommerce website for custom and stock products, and team sales.
Product configurator - Vermarc
Vermarc logo
"With BRIKL’s software Vermarc’s in-house designers can render 3D models from 2D patterns in just minutes, setup team stores and allow their customers to design in 3D themselves."
Product configurator - Bodywear Lab
Bodywear Lab logo
"This innovation allows fashion start-ups and established retailers alike to customize their product buy more closely aligned with their client needs, compared to traditional seasonal buys. This enables them to react quickly to trends and plan around their marketing calendar, with low MOQs and the Made In London stamp of assurance."
London Contour Experts are a product development business in the luxury fashion sector, specializing in Contour Fashion (lingerie, swimwear, activewear) since 2010. Based in London, they manage a portfolio of international clients from designer lead start-ups to high profile retailers and celebrity launches.
In 2020 London Contour Experts launched a new platform, ‘THE BODYWEAR LAB,’ marrying BrikL technology with design to bring a customization experience to a wider audience at an accessible price-point.
Take a look at the customization in action >
Xceed is a leading triathlon and cycling team wear company in the US and Mexico. They migrated their business over to BRIKL in 2019. Since then Xceed closed deals with Super League Triathlon and MX Endurance.

Product configurator - Xceed
Xceed logo
“With BrikL, the most complex and time-consuming things are now blistering fast, saving us thousands of hours per year in design and production time. The design studio, design room and team stores have given our customers a new experience they not cannot get anywhere else.”
Product configurator - SmaCircle
SmaCircle logo
“Users can enjoy a breathtaking 3D visual of their design and truly achieve a personalized vehicle.”
Smacircle is an innovative brand for first-mile, last-mile transportation solutions. They launched their new e-bike SmaCircle S1 at the 2020 CES in Las Vega. Smacircle S1 was named as a 2020 CES Innovation Awards Honoree under the category of Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation by Consumer Technology Association™.

At the CES show SmaCircle also unveiled its next-level customization system, for which it partnered with BrikL. The new system allows users to design their own Smacircle S1 online based on their preferred color and style.
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