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Next Generation eCommerce platform for Teams and Group Purchasing. With BRIKL you can effectively simplify complex problems.

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“The new 3D software gives Warrix customers the ability to customize their football uniforms by adding their names and logos … making it their own design. The full integration with production allows orders to be shipped in a record time.”
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The best way to sell to teams online

BRIKL helps you sell to teams, clubs, corporates, schools, clubs, companies, brands and dealers.

Setup a branded micro-site in just a few minutes. Launch unique storefronts for your team store, pop-up store, club shop, corporate store or school shop.

Set the opening times of your team store and manage the privacy setting. Produce a special report when the store closes for all the team orders.

Our leading team store software saves you thousands of hours.
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Decide opening times, assign discounts and manage privacy settings.

Cross sell
You can add an item that you have in stock that is not part of the team store.

Team stores can be public or private, with or without password protection.

Opening and closing
You can set the opening and closing time for your store. Once it is closed, customers can no longer checkout.

Choose your domain
Team stores can be pointed to an internal (same domain) or external (new domain).

settingsAssign discounts and set shipping rates. Multi-language and multi-currency.
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Get insight on all your stores

Communication panel
With BrikL, team managers/leaders can get admin access to see orders real time for their team. They can follow-up with members that have not yet ordered.

Produce special reports when the store closes for sales and production. The one click team store reports save companies thousands of hours per year and eliminates mistakes.
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Sell  stock and custom products

Custom products
Customers can design their own unique product and order online

Stock products
Customers can browse stock products and order online
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More Powerful Storefront Features

Built in fundraising function for team and corporate stores to raise money and to maximize sales. It’s easy to set up.

Group Access Portal
Communicate effectively with your customers with the Group Access Portal! Inform them when a store opens or will close, share a link to the team store, copy/paste customer lead lists with one click, prevent double purchases with the non-duplicating feature and more!

Creating New Stores
Creating new stores with new products takes a few minutes to start accepting sales.
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Ready to take your Business to the next level?

Increase your sales, reduced design time and production mistakes with BRIKL.