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Brikl is a worldwide market leader for team and group purchasing.

Our next-generation team store software and e-commerce platform is the only one in the world that has been designed specifically to deal with the challenges custom companies and promotional businesses face.

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One-click store setup

What took hours now takes minutes. Brikl's team store software allows you to set up a fully branded group store or microsite in under 15 minutes.

Offer a recognizable storefront by customizing your branding, adding colors, logos and banners.

Want to replicate the success of what you've created? One click is all it takes to create a new store with pre-selected products and collections for a new team.

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Communicate Better

Brikl's customer communication panel allows you to streamline the way you sell. Replace running reports with live links for all your data at your fingertips.

Live data

See your orders and other backend data broken down in real-time. 

Sales breakdown

Brikl's analytics act as a single source of truth for your company. Save hundreds of hours per year on manually compiling reports and eliminate mistakes.


Donate to your chosen causes and add hidden or visible fundraising options. Giving just became easy. 


Add customers, collaborate, send reminders and information to store members seamlessly.

Best-in-Class Microsites for Group Purchasing

Brikl is the leading provider of team store software for group purchasing worldwide. Why? We make the complex simple. 

Take Your Supply Lines Further

Brikl allows you to fully integrate your supply lines for enhanced transparency and streamlined operations. 

Live inventory

Collate and track all orders effortlessly. 

Rapid team store set up

Sales professionals love this feature. What took hours now takes minutes. Set up a fully branded group store or microsite and be ready to sell in under 15 minutes.

Allow dealers to pre-populate products

Forget having to manually type and paste information. With one click, your customers can pull one or hundreds of products, including all variants and all descriptions. Be ready to sell and customize in seconds.


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Take Your Business Global

We give you the tools to turn an unfamiliar market into your new comfort zone. 


Set a default language for your website. Add as many languages as you like. Create a localized experience for your customers.


Brikl supports localized currencies: 70% of US consumers abandon their cart at checkout. Allowing customers to pay in local currencies can reduce this number by up to 50%.

Tax Integrations

Brikl’s TaxJar integration provides precise, location-specific sales tax rates and calculations.

Purchase Order Payments

For total flexibility your customers appreciate at checkout, Brikl offers purchase order payments. 


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