How to provide the right files for digitization requests?

How to provide the right files for digitization requests.

Christophe Leroy
November 4, 2020

Do you want add your own high quality 3D models for private use? BRIKL offers an exclusive digitization service.

Please follow below guideline when submitting a digitization request to BRIKL:

2D pattern

The formats required are DXF/AI/EPS/SVG

The file name must be the style number.

The pattern needs to show the seam line and the seam allowance, grainline and the notch.

You must provide the following product information in English:

  • Name of the product
  • Name of the pattern
  • Annotation
  • Sizes on the pattern
  • Materials used

For 2D patterns, customers must provide left and right sides of sleeves, band, cuffs.

pattern file

Grading lines

Pattern grading required for all sizes.

Grading lines

Supporting documents required

Important - the customer must provide real product images of the different sides of the product. 

  • front
  • back
  • right side
  • left side
  • inside the garment

You must show in the pictures the packet, lining, facing, and hems.

Design templates

Please provide one design template alongside the 2D pattern. The design template must include a sublimation line . If no sublimation line is provided, you must use the seam allowance of the largest size offered.

design templates

Testing Templates

You must  ensure the measurements are correct, and the alignments of all elements are  perfect and ready to use.

testing templates


  • A clear image of the product texture.
  • Also, include a  zoom in or a close up image of the product.
getting texture

Pattern different layer

  • The size of the pattern should be separated into different layers.

  • Example
    S in one layer
    M in one layer and so on.
pattern in different layer


  • Template measurement should consider the alignment of the zip as well.

  • Provide zip measurement for accuracy.
template with zip

Right/Left Identification

  • Show template center front and back.
  • Collar has to identify where the center of the template should be.
right and left identification

Pattern Visibility

  • The pattern that is not visible for 3d should be identified as such.
Pattern visibility

Accessories Construction

  • Binding 
  • 3 layers
  • Bow tie 

If there is construction for these types of pattern, please inform us for further discussion about size adjustment.

Accessories construction

Zip Hidden

  • If a model has a hidden zipper , please inform us for which models
  • Please let us know about the measurements of the zipper
  • The measurement is useful for creating future templates, so please make sure to provide them.

Third Line

  • All patterns should have three lines:
  1. Seam Allowance
  2. Basic Seam
  3. Biggest Seam allowance size

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