How does the Design Now button work?

If you want to plug in the 3D configurator into your own website or ecommerce platform, you can use the Design Now button.

Christophe Leroy
November 4, 2020

At BRIKL, we want to make sure developers can integrate the 3D configurator quickly and easily. Our next generation configurator can be fully integrated with any website, allowing you or your customers to start selling custom products immediately.

You will find a section in the BRIKL Dashboard called Sales Channels where you can configure an extension for Magento, an app for Shopify or our Design Now (BRIKL) Button for any other website or ecommerce platform. You will find example scripts including settings and guidelines including a Codesandbox.io link.

Step 1 - Create an account with BRIKL

Step 2 - Go to Saleschannels

Step 3 - Create a new Saleschannel

Step 4 - Select BRIKL Button and save

Step 5 - Go to the product tab

Step 6 - Assign a product

Assign a product

Step 7 - Go to the Setup tab

Step 8 - Select the product

Step 9 - You will see the sample scripts and a Codesandbox link

Setup a product and generate a code

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