March 27, 2020

The Trick to Thrive as a Designer during a Recession

...Try something new

A few weeks into the Corona virus crisis, it’s quickly turning out to be perhaps the biggest recession of the last hundred years. Anything that is in the creative or design industry - those things become optional.

The way to recession-proof yourself is that you understand to quickly learn new skills and tools that can help your employer to generate more business.

BRIKL has just launched their new 3D Viewer. If you often find yourself spending a lot of time turning those flat sketches into 3D designs, here’s the solution you’ve been looking for.

With BRIKL you can convert a 2D design into a beautiful 3D rendering with just a single click. You can generate a 3D preview link and share with customers. They can open the link in the browser of their choice and interact with the 3D design by rotating and zooming in/out.

Sharing a 3D preview link creates the excitement you need to close a sale!

BRIKL does not require any coding. You can simply drag and drop to see designs converted to 3D. BRIKL works with Adobe Illustrator©, CorelDraw and other design softwares.

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