March 15, 2020

BRIKL introduces 3D Configurator v2.0

A next generation technology is defined as capable of transforming status quo.

For the first time, BRIKL has developed an advanced 3D configurator that can be used by anyone, that does not require any technical expertise and that you can configure yourself. You no longer have to hire a software developer/agency to make a configurator that is expensive, hard to maintain, with limited features and that will most likely be obsolete in a few years.

BRIKL is the result of more than 3 years of engineering and rigorous testing with some of the leading brands in the team and sports wear market.

BRIKL is available as an open platform for anyone to sign up. If you have special business needs or selling large volumes, BRIKL works closely with you to get you up and running under an Enterprise plan.

BRIKL helps you to increase your sales, speed up your production and lower your cost. Our platform delivers production-ready files and saves design time by up to 70% and reduces production time by 20%.

Available from September 2019

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