Convert 2D to 3D & share a link

With BRIKL you can convert a 2D design into a beautiful 3D rendering with just a single click! You can then send a link to your customers so they can see the design in 3D in their browser and zoom/rotate.

From the BRIKL dashboard, click on the Design Tab in the top navigation menu and open the product in the Design Room. 

The Design Room (which is your private Design Studio in the Dashboard) is only accessible by you and your team. It comes with unique professional features that are not available for your customers in the front-end Design Studio. 

Before you can create a preview link, you must first create a design template with your preferred design software. See the tutorial here: How to make a design template?

Already familiar with the way to create a design template? All right, let's dive together into how to share your designs with your customers. In the Design Room, upload your design in the Pattern Tab on the right side menu. You will be able to see your design instantly in 2D and 3D.

Take a moment to review your design in 3D before moving on to the Export Tab. In the Export tab, you will find the option to share your design. You can now copy the link and share it with your customers by email. Your customers will be able to see the design in 3D in the browser of their choice and zoom/rotate.

Sharing a 3D preview link creates the excitement you need to close a sale!

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