Add colors

Adding colors to BRIKL's 3D Configurator is simple. Navigate to the Design Tab in the Top Navigation. Next, select the Color Tab and create a new color.

You will always need to assign two color codes. The first code should be the color code used for production. Most of the time, we will use CMYK values collected from the design software of your choice. Make sure while copying the color code that your software is in the CMYK color mode. In Adobe Illustrator©, you can change the document color mode from the File Menu.

The secondary color code required is the HEX code. We need it for the Web. Make sure to enter the correct corresponding color HEX code to the CMYK code to avoid any customer surprises upon receiving the order. The easiest way is to grab both the CMYK and HEX code at the same time while your design software is in CMYK mode.

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